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Here are some ways you can get involved:

We want to hear from you on how we can help shape Ventura into a safer place for walking, biking, rolling, and taking transit!

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Temporary Demonstrations

In October 2022 and early 2023, the City of Ventura is testing new street options to explore potential improvements that make walking and biking safer.


Temporary demonstrations will be set up to gauge how these potential treatments affect people walking, bicycling, rolling, and driving. Data collected from the demonstration will help in future street design treatments.

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Did you interact with the temporary demonstrations? Tell us about your experience here:

Citywide Workshop

We hosted a virtual citywide workshop on Thursday, February 17, 2022 to discuss the project goals to help prioritize how the City should invest in walking and biking. Thank you for sharing how you feel about walking, biking, and rolling!

Missed it? View the workshop recording on YouTube below, and sign up to receive regular  project updates!

Have questions? Contact us during our office hours:

Office hours are available by phone or video call.

APRIL 2023

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Get updates!

Sign up to receive updates including meeting notices, study findings, and future surveys. By signing up, you agree to receive communications from the Active Transportation Plan team. We will not use your information for any other purposes.

What is the Ventura Active Transportation Plan?

The Ventura Active Transportation Plan will create a roadmap for priority projects and programs that will make walking, bicycling, and taking transit great choices for all people living, working, and visiting Ventura.


The Plan will be rooted in broad community support and call for active participation from the public, community stakeholders, partner agencies, elected officials, and City staff. In support of this effort, we will also work hard to connect with our low-income and minority households, homebound seniors, youth, young parents, and people who are familiar with what it's like to walk and bike in Ventura.

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Citywide Workshop

Watch the recording of the virtual Citywide Workshop and review the summary of input! 

What do Ventura's streets look like today?

Find out more!

Existing Conditions Report

Community Survey, Focus Group, and Pop-up Summary

Community Survey

Read the


Code and Policy Review

Develop Draft Networks


Develop Draft Networks - To be finalized in coordination with the General Plan

Completed - details forthcoming

Develop Evaluation Criteria

Coming Soon!

Draft Plan Development

Coming Soon!

Final Plan Adoption

Select and Prioritize Projects and Programs

We are developing a process to prioritize potential projects.

Coming Soon!

Draft Plan for Comment

Demonstrate Top Projects and Programs


Coming Soon!

What is the Plan?
Get Involved!
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The Existing Conditions Report

What do Ventura's streets look like today?

The Existing Conditions report documents active transportation in Ventura today. It looks at the quality, safety, and connectivity of existing networks for people walking and bicycling. This report, along with input from community members like you, will help us develop recommendations in later phases of the Ventura Active Transportation Plan.

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People walk for many reasons. We’ve identified areas throughout Ventura where there are opportunities to improve and enhance the safety of the walking environment by addressing missing sidewalks, curb ramps, and crosswalk markings especially near schools.


Bicycling in Ventura is popular among residents and visitors. There are currently several types of bicycle facilities throughout Ventura. Though the bicycle network provides for connectivity in some City neighborhoods, there are several identified gaps in connectivity, most notably east-west connections.

Taking Transit

Ventura is served by Gold Coast Transit District and Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC). Transit riders typically access stations by walking or bicycling, emphasizing the importance of safety surrounding transit stop areas.

Want to learn more?

Existing Conditions

Community Survey, Focus Group, and Pop-up Summary

In Fall 2021, we completed our first phase of community engagement with an online survey and interactive map, focus groups, and pop-up events. View a summary of each below.

Survey Summary


We asked people to share their experience and vision for walking, biking, and accessing transit through an online survey.

Focus Group and Pop-up Summary


We conducted focus groups and hosted pop-up events in the community to supplement the survey findings. We specifically invited people with different cultural, racial, and other demographic identities to better understand their lived experiences related to walking and bicycling in Ventura

Chariot Ride


In October 2021, we partnered with Bike Ventura to host two community bike rides on the Westside. Mayor Sofia Rubalcava joined approximately 30 participants to talk with more than 70 residents about the project and hear about their vision for active transportation in Ventura. Check out the video!

Outreach Summary
Code & Policy Review

Code and Policy Review

We reviewed existing policy guidance documents that shape the walking and bicycling experience in Ventura and compared them with national best practices. Learn more about how this Active Transportation Plan can inform policy changes to prioritize complete, safe, and connected places to walk and bicycle. Formal recommendations will be included in the final plan.  

Draft Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks

In this phase we will establish network themes and project goals that guide the development of Ventura’s future active transportation network – including walking, biking and access to transit.

A bicycle network is a system of planned bicycle infrastructure that provides linkages between the places and people that need to be connected across the city.

Bicycle network.png

A pedestrian network is a system of districts that facilitates safe access to high opportunity areas across the city, including schools and parks.

Pedestrian Network.png

The active transportation network will create a basis for prioritizing future projects that will create a connected and cohesive set of trails, bikeways, and walkways over time to help people connect with each other and access important destinations. 

Related Projects

Related Projects

In addition to the Ventura Active Transportation Plan, the City is also updating its General Plan and Local Coastal Plan, and developing a new Climate Action and Resilience Plan. To learn more about these ongoing efforts, please visit their websites.

Screenshot 2021-07-24 180330.png

There are also several active transportation planning projects underway at the county and state level, and in neighboring communities:

General Plan Educational Forum on Transportation

On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, the General Plan Team hosted a virtual informational session on mobility and transportation. The session featured an informative presentation from Deepak Kaushik of Iteris, the transportation lead for the General Plan Update, and Drusilla van Hengel of Nelson\Nygaard, the lead consultant for the Active Transportation Plan. The presentation covered existing mobility conditions, emerging mobility trends, and ways that the General Plan can address them. The presentation was followed by a Q+A and discussion.

General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) Meeting


On Tuesday, July 19, 2022, the General Plan Advisory Committee received an update on the Active Transportation Plan. We described and received comments on the project elements completed to date. We also shared ATP goals, objectives, and policy recommendations that are relevant to the General Plan Update. The presentation included Q+A and discussion, as well as a public comment period.

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