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We're hosting
Temporary Demonstrations
near you!

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The City of Ventura is testing new street options to explore potential improvements to make walking and biking safer. Temporary demonstrations will be set up to gauge how these potential treatments affect people walking, bicycling, rolling, and driving.

Why is the City conducting temporary demonstrations?

These demonstrations are part of the City’s ongoing work on the Active Transportation Plan. The Plan aims to respond to community requests to make innovative changes that create safe connections for people walking, bicycling, rolling, and driving.

Data collected from these demonstrations will help inform future street design treatments.

The Plan will culminate in a series of proposed projects to make walking, bicycling, and taking transit great choices for all people living, working, and visiting Ventura.

October 13-16, 2022

The Ventura Avenue demonstration featured bike lanes made possible by alternating parking and center turn lane removal from W Center Street to W Harrison Street.

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Early 2023

A demonstration and citywide event near Citrus Glen Elementary School in the Eastside/Saticoy neighborhood will include shared streets, parking protected bike lanes, curb extensions, and traffic circles.

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Did you interact with the temporary demonstrations? Tell us about your experience here:
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